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  • How far in advance should we book an elopement?
    I've planned some elopements within a couple weeks but I have also planned them with a years notice. It just depends on what you're envisioning for your big day!
  • What can we expect during a photoshoot with you?
    A great freakin' time, that's what! :) You can take a couple shots before or bring a beer for during - Whatever will help calm those jitters. I also always bring my speaker to sessions so we can jam out and have a good time. No stiff poses here - all natural, in the moment, moments. It's all about making sure you and your significant other are comfortable and having THE best time!
  • When will I recieve my photos?
    You will receive your sneak peek within 24 hours of your session date. You will receive your FULL gallery in 3-4 weeks (for a engagement session) or 4-6 weeks (for a wedding gallery).
  • How many photos will I receive?
    I do not have a photo 'cap' on my galleries I send out. I will send you EVERY photo that I believe deserves to be seen by you.
  • Do you photoshop or body modify?
    I, 1000% do not do any body modifications in photoshop. (Raging pimples and slight blemishes do not count.)
  • Do you send RAWs?
    No, but thanks for asking! :)
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